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$30 $50+
Blow Dry
$25 $35+
Specialized Style
$50 $70+
Bridal Hair
$130 $170+



Men’s Haircut
$20 $30+
$20 $30+



$20 $30+


Color Bar

Touch Up
$42 $57+
Single Process
$52 $67+
Double Process
$97$ $127+
Top Coat
$42 $57+
Partial Highlights
$57 $77+
Full Highlights
$87$ $ $107+
Color Correction



California Smooth
$120 $150+
$75 $85+
Specialty Perm
$80 $95+
$70 $90+
Relaxer Full
$100 $120+

wash house rituals and treatment menu

Which one is best for you?
Only $35


Scalp Rejuvenation
Suffering from itchy dry scalp? Thinning hair? A Scalp Rejuvenation Ritual will
moisturize,remove build up and improve the overall condition of both the hair and scalp. Scalp Rejuvenation includes a wonderful scalp message to improve circulation, always a welcoming treat!


Moisture Infusion
Feeling little parched? Is your hair color not as lively as usual? A Moisture Infusion Ritual provides an instant hydration boost,delivering deep conditioning and restored manageability to tired dull, moisture starved strands.


Damage Cure
Are you battling breakage? Suffering the abuse of aggressive styling or chemical services? Restore lost nutrients, essential proteins and oils with a Damage Cure Ritual, and give your hair the TLC it needs to share with healthy and vitality!


Color Refresh
Has your hair color lost that “fresh from the salon” look? Revitalize it with a Color Refresh Ritual. Perfect for restoring shine and lustre to color treated hair and in-between salon services, a Color Refresh Ritual can be customized to remove braininess, restore rich tones, or amp up vibrant reds!
Only $35


Wash House Rituals and Treatments

Scalp Rejuvenation
$00 $35
Moisture Infusion
$00 $35
Damage Cure
$00 $35
Color Refresh
$00 $35


Makeup & Waxing


Individual Lesson
$00 $60
Full Face Application
$00 $35
Eye Application
$00 $20
Makeup Parties
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$00 $10
$00 $20



$00 $13
$00 $13
$00 $13

Reflexology & Cupping

Hand or foot Reflexology — Relaxing unique method of using the thumb and fingers on reflex areas of the feet, hands, and ears. Improves circulation, nerve and blood supply by stimulating reflex areas on the hands or feet. Reduces stress in the whole body. Helps body to balance itself.

Reflexology with cupping — Helps clean and stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system. Cupping lifts the tissue helping to clear stagnation, toxins, debris and reduces pain in tissue.

Rejuvenating face cupping — Face cupping is a rejuvenating technique that brings circulation and blood flow to the face all while working the reflexology points. This can smooth fine lines giving you firmer younger looking skin.


Any Reflexology Service

15 minutes
$00 $20
30 minutes
$00 $35
45 minutes
$00 $50
60 minutes
$00 $65

Rejuvenating face cupping

30 minutes
$00 $40